Galerie Kontakt

kajetan Berlin

Gneisenaustraße 33, Fabrikgebäude, 1. Hof, B 10961

T: +49 176 5779 2651

Mi – Fr  14 – 19h, Sa  12 – 16h, u. n. V. | and by apmt

U7 Gneisenaustr.

In Kürze

02.05. – 20.06.

Matten Vogel: Eojtgbrü Malerei–Zeichnung  Grafik–Papierarbeit

04.07. – 05.09.

Bettina Blohm: Gatekeeper Malerei–Zeichnung  Grafik–Papierarbeit


07.12.2019 – 08.02.2020

Haleh Redjaian: Some Things Last a Long Time Malerei–Zeichnung  Grafik–Papierarbeit  Skulptur–Installation  Glas–Licht–Textilkunst


Located in a former artist studio the gallery kajetan Berlin is prioritizing creative innovation in a serious way & is focusing on so far underrepresented mid-career artists with distinct & strong personal perspectives, whose work is characterized by complexity & precision of form, as well as on discoveries & rediscoveries. With engagement we try to liaise the artists of our gallery with museums, curators & private collectors throughout the world.