Sprüth Magers

Berlin Mitte

until 30.06. In warm shroud. Kissing the bloom crux. A frost window. Sterling Ruby.  Miscellaneous  Repro QUILT (7807), Sterling Ruby, 2022, Photo: Courtesy Sterling Ruby Studio and Sprüth Magers. Photo by Robert Wedemeyer

Since the early 2000s, Sterling Ruby has moved nimbly between mediums and disciplines, connecting art, craft, popular culture, history, philosophy and other fields to produce a rich compendium of objects and images. Deeply invested in the materials he uses, Ruby incorporates their histories and tactile qualities into each of his series, as well as his autobiography and world view.

Galerie Sievi

Berlin Süd

until 01.07. Freiheit der Farbe. Süheyla Asci. 

until 02.07. Die Kunst des Vergessens - die Kunst des Erinnerns. Hoa Dung Clerget, Lucas Gabellini-Fava, Mohamed Lekleti, Fatiha Zemmouri.  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  sculpture–installation  photography  Repro Fragility, Fatiha Zemmouri, 2022, Textilcollage auf Papier , 30 x 30 cm, Photo: Fatiha Zemmouri

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until 02.07. Denkharmonist. André Thomkins (1930–1985).  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  Repro Kopf, André Thomkins, 1982, Lackskin, 23 x 26,5 cm, Photo: Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner

until 02.07. Denkharmonist. André Thomkins (1930–1985).  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  Repro Transport de Chine à Papfouta, André Thomkins, 1955, Federzeichnung, Photo: Foto: Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner

until 02.07. Denkharmonist. André Thomkins (1930–1985).  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  Repro ohne Titel, André Thomkins, 1953, Aquarell, Photo: Foto: Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner

The swiss artist André Thomkins (1930–1985) counts among the most interesting artistic positions of the postwar era. Living in Germany since 1952, he creates - blessed with an exuberant inventiveness - an oeuvre that in its diversity resists art-historical classification. We open an insight to this multi-faceted work presenting – besides oil-paintings, watercolours and drawings – the so-called Lackskins, Rollagen and Scharniere as well as rapport patterns and paraphrases.

galerie probst

Berlin West

until 02.07. Essenz. May Carro Cabaleiro.  painting–drawing  Repro May Carro Cabaleiro, Photo: Jonathan Allenberg

until 03.07. Nation, Narration, Narcosis. Collecting Entanglements and Embodied Histories. Amanda Heng, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Arahmaiani, Ho Tzu Nyen, Käthe Kollwitz, Kawita Vatanajyankur, Marina Abramovic, Melati Suryodarmo, Tita Salina, Willem de Rooij, u.v.m.  Repro The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia: F for Fold, Detail, Image from artist's book (G for Ghost), Ho Tzu Nyen, 2021, Photo: © Image courtesy of the artist and Edouard Malingue Gallery

until 03.07. Künstler des Soseins. Ernst Barlach zum 150. Geburtstag. 

until 03.07. Begegnungen. Plakate und Arbeiten für die Volksbühne Am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Achim Freyer, Bernd Frank.  graphic–paper works  Repro Plakate: Begegnungen, Achim Freyer

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Berlin Süd

until 09.07. Minds & Matter. Remembering Fragments of Space. ChanSook Choi, Annette Cords, Wolfram Wickert, Jazoo Yang.  painting–drawing  audio–video art  urban art  Repro Minds & Matter, ChanSook Choi, Annette Cords, Wolfram Wickert, Jazoo Yang, 2022

With this exhibition, Kang Contemporary showcases the relationships between mental and physical spaces. Focusing on intrusions and intersections, therefore, denying any isolation between Art, Space and People complicates these entities and troubles clarity of interpretation. At the same time, it opens the possibility of discovering a plethora of connections and correlations which are tangent to everyday life. 

until 09.07. Sülzensaal. Pegasus Product.  Repro Sülzensaal, Pegasus Product


Berlin Mitte

until 14.07. Gesichter. Marisa Krolikowski.  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  Repro O.T., Marisa Krolikowski, 2019, Buntstift, Bleistift, Serie 6-teilig, je 21x28, Photo: © Galerie ART CRU Berlin / Blumenfisch gGmbH

until 16.07. Indianer, Toreros und Nachteulen. Die Neuen Wilden im Berlin der 80er Jahre. Elvira Bach, Luciano Castelli, Rainer Fetting, Helmut Middendorf, Salomé, Bernd Zimmer.  painting–drawing  Repro Olé, Luciano Castelli, 1981, Mischtechnik auf Papier, 258 x 244 cm

40 years after the Zeitgeist exhibition of 1982 with its focus on painting, especially "Heftige Malerei" (ferocious painting), held at the Martin-Gropius-Bau—which at the time was located right next to the Berlin Wall and had only just been provisionally renovated—the exhibition at the Galerie Deschler compellingly recalls Berlin's vibrant art scene of the 1980s.

until 17.07. Studio Tolerance.  graphic–paper works  Repro Tolerance Poster, Detail, Marian Bantjes, Kanada 2017, Photo: © Marian Bantjes

until 30.07. Wittgenstein's Cabin. Dionisio González.  photography  Repro Wittgenstein's Cabin 4, Dionisio González, 2021

Robert Morat Galerie

Berlin Mitte

until 30.07. Bright Red. José Pedro Cortes.  photography  Repro Foot(II), José Pedro Cortes, 2019, Archival pigment print, 60 x 40 cm, Photo: José Pedro Cortes

"Bright Red" brings together new works by Portuguese artist José Pedro Cortes. The title alludes to the visual deficiency that each man has, a mild color blindness that shifts the color red (or what is known as red) to green, changing the reading of the color spectrum. His photographs function as a map of visual possibilities. Cortes says: "My images reflect our time of constant doubt."

until 30.07. [ɛ̃fɔʁmɛl]. Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag, Fred Thieler.  painting–drawing  audio–video art  Repro courtsy Galerie Georg Nothelfer


Galerie Georg Nothelfer is pleased to present works by Fred Thieler in dialogue with works by Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag in the show [ɛ̃fɔʁmɛl]

Fred Thieler (1916-1999) is one of the important representatives of German Informel.

Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag (*1965) began his work on space in space in the early 1990s with monochromatic gas discharge light systems and fields of standing, sinusoidal infrasound waves - also influenced by the processuality and immediacy of Informel.

until 31.07. Tauziehen. Peer Boehm.  painting–drawing

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until 31.07. Tauziehen. Peer Boehm.  painting–drawing  photography  Repro Tauziehen, Peer Boehm, 2020, Aquarell und Acryl auf Leinwand, 50 x 95

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Berlin West

until 06.08. David Yarrow.  photography  Repro Catwalk, David Yarrow, Dinokeng, South Africa, 2021, Photo: David Yarrow / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK

CAMERA WORK Gallery presents the exhibition »David Yarrow« starting on May 21, 2022. The eventful career of this exceptional photographer, like his works, makes history. With the utmost passion and professionalism, David Yarrow has defined his own visual language that makes his works unmistakable. CAMERA WORK provides insight into the artist's impressive visual narrative with the presentation of a comprehensive selection of works, some of which have never been shown before.


Gropius Bau

Berlin Süd

until 07.08. Dancing with my Camera. Dayanita Singh.  photography  Repro Let’s See, DayanitaSingh, 2021, Photo: © Dayanita Singh

Since the 1980s, Dayanita Singh has pioneered a genre-defying approach to photography that pushes the limits of the medium. Dancing with my Camera presents the major phases of the internationally renowned artist’s oeuvre, from her earliest works through today. Along with key past works, including her “museums”, the new project, Let’s See, is especially realised for the Gropius Bau exhibition.

Hilleckes Gallery

Berlin West

until 20.08. "Be the presence that puts realities into autocorrect". Emotionale Wärmefelder. Barbara Anna Husar.  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  sculpture–installation  happening–performance  Repro Skins of Life, Barbara Anna Husar, 2021, Mischtechnik auf Rettungsdecken

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until 21.08. Friendship. Nature. Culture. 44 Jahre Daimler Art Collection. Werke der Sammlung 1920–2021. Heba Y. Amin, John M. Armleder, Willi Baumeister, Hicham Berrada, Mbali Dhlamini, Haris Epaminonda, Isabell Heimerdinger, Dayanita Singh, Guy Tillim, Franz Erhard Walther, uvm.  painting–drawing  sculpture–installation  photography  audio–video art

The anniversary exhibition ›Friendship. Nature. Culture. 44 Years of the Daimler Art Collection‹ looks back on the development of an internationally renowned corporate collection. From over 3,000 artworks in the collection, founded in 1977, about 100 works by ca. 70 artists have been selected. Relating, in a broad sense, to contemporary phenomena in the context of friendship, nature and culture, the artistic works form networks and explore the interplay between art and human coexistence.

until 21.08. Die weite Ebene nach Westen, bis zum Horizont. Horst de Marées.  painting–drawing  Repro Verdun-de-Lauragais (Detail), Horst de Marées, um 1965, Tempera auf Papier, 61 x 83 cm

The ZAK -Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst presents in the comprehensive exhibition Die weite Ebene nach Westen, bis zum Horizont the work of the painter Horst de Marées, whose biography and work development reflect in exemplary form contemporary history and formative aspects of the art of the last century.

Special event Berlin Art Week
until 21.08. Über die Zeichnung hinaus. Zeitgenössische Zeichnung in Berlin. Sonja Alhäuser, Anke Becker, Matthias Beckmann, Laura Bruce, Claudia Busching, DAG, Jorn Ebner, Myriam El Haïk, Kati Gausmann, Bjørn Hegardt, Hanna Hennenkemper, Timo Herbst, Peter Hock, Birgit Hölmer, Hannes Kater, Mark Lammert, Pia Linz, Petra Lottje, Leon Manoloudakis, Nanne Meyer, Ulrike Mohr, Tomoko Mori, Alex Müller, Bettina Munk, Kazuki Nakahara, Manfred Peckl uvm.  graphic–paper works  Repro Looking at Clouds, 2021, Tusche auf Papier

The exhibition “Über die Zeichnung hinaus” shows the abundance of current drawing positions in Berlin: exuberant pictorial narrative and strict reduction, figuration and abstraction, documentation and site inspection, illusion and its suspension, the microscopic and the generous, drawing as performance, in books, in space or in animation film. Whether on paper or in combination with other media, drawing goes beyond itself and crosses borders.

until 21.08. Nachbilder. Jochen Schneider.  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  Repro Ohne Titel, Jochen Schneider, 2021, Graphit auf Papier, 29,7 x 21 cm

We perceive Nachbilder with closed eyes, as memories, when the original light stimulus of the concrete pre-image has already faded away. It is similar with the works of Jochen Schneider – what we have seen resonates and provides the impetus for his drawings and then for images within us that now tell their own, new story – without providing final answers.


Berlin Mitte

until 22.08. Opera Opera. Allegro ma non troppo. Contemporary Art from the MAXXI Collection.  sculpture–installation  photography  audio–video art  happening–performance  Repro Quadro di fili elettrici, Michelangelo Pistoletto, 1967, Photo: Patrizia Tocci

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until 22.08. Tectonic Tender. Nina Canell.  sculpture–installation  Repro Muscle Memory (7 Tonnes), Nina Canell, 2022, Hardscaping material from marine molluscs, Photo: Robin Watkins

Nina Canell’s artistic practice deals with process, transformation and material agency. It does not revolve around the finished artwork, instead foregrounding synergy, entanglement and unpredictability. Her work is recognised for its experimental nature and its questioning of matter as inert, dead or instrumentalised. It is the overlapping trajectories of energetics, material vitalities and spatio-durational convergences that bring the work into existence.

until 27.08. "angezettelt - alles offen" zum 80. Geburtstag. HohlSchattenKreuzBilder. Johann Manfred Kleber, Skriptopath.  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  Repro angezettelt-alles offen, Johann Manfred Kleber, 2021, Stift auf Packpapier, 42 x 59 cm, Photo: Johann Manfred Kleber

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until 27.08. »Collages« & »L.A. Crossing«. Doppelausstellung. Peter Klare, Jens Liebchen.  photography  Repro ohne Titel (Schilf), 2022 (Detail) – ohne Titel (Central Avenue / 4th Street), 2020 - 2022 (Detail), Peter Klare – Jens Liebchen, jeweils Archival Pigment Print, 90 x 90 cm – 80 x 60 cm

until 27.08. »Collages« & »L.A. Crossing«. Doppelausstellung. Peter Klare, Jens Liebchen.  photography  Repro ohne Titel (Central Avenue / 4th Street), Jens Liebchen, 2010 - 2022), Archival Pigment Print, 60 x 80 cm

until 27.08. »Collages« & »L.A. Crossing«. Doppelausstellung. Peter Klare, Jens Liebchen.  photography  Repro ohne Titel (Schilf) Archival Pigment Print, Peter Klare, 2022, Archival Pigment Print, 2022

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until 28.08. Barbara Kruger.  sculpture–installation  Repro Untitled (Blind idealism is ...), Barbara Kruger, 2016, Wandgemälde, High Line, New York , Photo: © Courtesy of the artist, Friends of the High Line, and Sprüth Magers / Timothy Schenck

Haus am Waldsee

Berlin Süd

until 28.08. Überlagerungen. Thomas Florschuetz.  photography  Repro Ohne Titel (Palast) 51, Thomas Florschuetz, 2006, C-Print, 183 x 226 cm

Thomas Florschuetz, born in Zwickau in 1957, is considered to be one of the most important German representatives of contemporary photography. The fascination of photography lies in the complexity of the medium for the artist – which extends beyond the purely illustrative, documentary function. Florschuetz argues that the surrounding reality must be questioned in order to arrive at a more complex image. 

until 31.08. Programm auf Anfrage. 

until 15.09. Ein Verhältnis mit Kunst. Alexander und Renata Camaro - Katalyse, Symbiose, Muse?  painting–drawing  Repro o. T., Renata Camaro, 1960, Öl auf Leinen, 15 x 21,5 cm, Photo: Eric Tschernow

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Galerie Z22

Berlin West

until 24.09. Galerie Z22 - Die Werkschau#2. Malerei, Zeichnungen und Mehr. Benka, Eric Massholder, Skadi Engeln, Kai Teichert, Gottgordan, Danielle Benvenuto, Hyeja, Manfred Fischer, Martin Wellmer, Balbina Lightowler.  painting–drawing

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Maxim Gorki Theater

Berlin Mitte

until 30.09. Beware of Linguistic Engineering. Delaine Le Bas.  Repro Alexander Christie

until 30.09. Beware of Linguistic Engineering. Delaine Le Bas.  Repro Alexander Christie

until 30.09. Beware of Linguistic Engineering. Delaine Le Bas.  Repro Alexander Christie

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Galerie TZB

Berlin Mitte

until 03.10. Raumschiff Enterprise. 50 Jahre Tschechische Botschaft in Berlin. Eine Ausstellung zum Gebäude mit Fotografien von Schnepp Renou. Simon Schnepp, Morgane Renou, Věra Machoninová, Vladimír Machonin.  photography  Miscellaneous  Repro Tschechische Botschaft Berlin, Photo: Schnepp Renou

The iconic Czech Embassy building on Mohrenstraße has been fondly referred to as the Starship Enterprise. It was designed by the architect couple Machonin in 1972 and is now considered one of Berlin's Brutalist gems. This exhibition with photographs by Schnepp Renou is dedicated to this building, its furniture, art and history.

until 30.10. 280 °C. HaL-Hofskulptur #7. Monika Goetz.  sculpture–installation  Repro 280 °C, Monika Goetz

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Semjon Contemporary

Berlin Mitte

until 05.03. X : Y – KioskShop berlin (KSb). ein Gesamtkunstwerk. Semjon H. N. Semjon.  painting–drawing  sculpture–installation  photography  urban art  Miscellaneous

"KioskShop berlin (KSb)" by H. N. Semjon has shaped the face of central Berlin for 11 years from 2000 to 2011. The white shop as a minimalist work of art that connects the art and retail world. The strangely remote "Product Sculptures" from everyday goods, with a painterly structured white beeswax coat, seem to have stopped time. Nicolas Berggruen's Holding kills him. The great collector pretends to be ignorant, or is it.

Zitadelle Spandau

Berlin West

until 30.04. Raus. Raus? Raus! Flucht und Migration im 19. Jahrhundert über den Auswandererbahnhof Ruhleben.  Miscellaneous  Repro Abb. Plakat zur Ausstellung “Raus. Raus? Raus!” | Grafik: studio lindhorst-emme + hinrichs

Between 1891 and 1914, more than a million mostly Jewish migrants from Eastern Europe had to pass through the emigrant train station between Berlin and Spandau. Before they were allowed to emigrate via the North Sea ports to the USA and other countries, their papers, finances and state of health were checked here.

The exhibition explores questions that are just as pressing today as they were over a hundred years ago. 

until 02.07. Die Neue Nationalgalerie. Ihr Architekt und ihre Baugeschichte. 

until 02.07. Die Kunst der Gesellschaft 1900–1945. Sammlung der Nationalgalerie.  Repro Potsdamer Platz, Detail, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1914, Photo: © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie / Jörg P. Anders