Galerie TZB

Berlin Mitte

until 18.12. Ein gläserner Sarg für die Königin. Zdeněk Lhotský.  sculpture–installation  glass–light–textile art  Repro Zdeněk Lhotský, Photo: Zdeněk Lhotský

Zdeněk Lhotský is a painter, sculptor, glass artist and technologist, student and collaborator of the well-known Czech glass artist Stanislav Libenský. At the same time, he is an internationally sought-after expert for glass projects of larger dimensions. The exhibition at the Gallery of the Czech Centre presents both positions of Zdeněk Lhotský: the artist and the outstanding technologist. The curator is Sylva Petrová, the leading expert on glass art in the Czech Republic.


Berlin Süd

until 02.01. Lichtbildner. Gefördert von Neustart Kultur, Stiftung Kunstfonds. Jakob Kupfer.  sculpture–installation  photography  glass–light–textile art  Repro Lichtbild #519, Jakob Kupfer, 2021, Pigment, Wachs auf Papier, Aludibond, 102 x 100 cm, Photo: Jakob Kupfer

He is a photo painter in the best, traditional sense: in his photo paintings Jakob Kupfer creates compact works of art out of diffuse colour and light reflections. Kupfer does not merely depict things; rather, he lets the light itself live out its creative streak. Abstractness and permanent flux are essential qualities both of light in itself and of Jakob Kupfer’s works. His art affords us a peek inside the space between us and all things: the space where light is at play.

until 08.01. Urban Life. Gruppenausstellung 10 Jahre Galerie Schmalfuss Berlin. 3 Steps, Elvira Bach, Hannah Becher, Jürgen Durner, Anja Ganster, Philipp Geist, Edward B. Gordon, Friedemann Grieshaber, Verena Guther, Thomas Hillig, uvm.  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  sculpture–installation  photography  glass–light–textile art  urban art

For the 10th anniversary of Galerie Schmalfuss Berlin we show the thematic group exhibition "Urban Life" with:


3 Steps | Elvira Bach | Hannah Becher | Jürgen Durner | Anja Ganster | Phillipp Geist | Edward B. Gordon | Friedmann Grieshaber | Verena Guther | Thomas Hillig | Holger Jacobs | Hartmut Kiewert | Nikolai Makarov | Hannes Mussner | Jan Sobottka | Roland Stratmann | Jan Peter Tripp

Gropius Bau

Berlin Süd

until 16.01. all building as making. Thea Djordjadze.  sculpture–installation  glass–light–textile art  Repro oneissopublicandtheothersoprivate (Detail), Thea Djordjadze, 2019, Photo: Reto Kaufmann

Thea Djordjadze’s artistic practice can be understood as a process of continually reusing, reconfiguring and rearranging objects. Starting on 10 September 2020, the Gropius Bau presents existing and newly created works by the Berlin-based artist, whose sculptures and interventions engage in a dialogue with the historic building.

until 29.01. parts. Albert Weis.  sculpture–installation  glass–light–textile art  Repro Albert Weis

until 29.01. S*Heroes. Die Nomadinnen Persiens - A Contemporary Multimedia Art Exhibition. Sepideh Ahadi, Yumna Al-Arashi, Pablo Alonso, Hesam Ayat, Nina Lamiel Bruchhaus, Dieter Detzner, Frank Jimin Hopp, Rebecca Pokua Korang, Kalpesh Lathigra, Stella Meris, uvm.  painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  sculpture–installation  photography  glass–light–textile art  audio–video art  happening–performance  Repro S*HEROES , Illustration: Stephan Heering, Sepideh Ahadi, Erdem Akkaya, Kalpesh Lathigra, Stella Meris, Tahmineh Monzavi, Sammlung Neiriz, Laure d'Utruy, 2021, Illustration

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Sprüth Magers

Berlin Mitte

until 05.02. Mirrors of Light. Nancy Holt.  sculpture–installation  glass–light–textile art  Repro Mirrors of Light II, Nancy Holt, 1974

Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers are delighted to announce Nancy Holt’s (1938–2014) first solo exhibition at the Berlin gallery. Mirrors of Light presents the room-scale installation with the same title, a work from 1973/74 that is crucial to understanding Holt’s notion of perceptual experience. Holt’s practice navigates the complexities of light as artistic medium, physical reality, and aesthetic concept.

Sprüth Magers

Berlin Mitte

until 26.03. Robert Irwin.  sculpture–installation  glass–light–textile art  Repro Sunday Morning (detail), Robert Irwin, 2020, Photo: Pablo Mason

Robert Irwin has spent over six decades producing art that examines our experience of seeing and moving through the world, heightening viewers' awareness of their senses and surroundings. Regularly employing light, reflection and colors as their primary materials, his wall works, sculptures and site-conditional installations involve a careful balance of presence and absence that use simple, understated means to generate sophisticated visual and spatial effects.