until 23.10. Yun-Pei Hsiung, Lisa Kohl, François Lemieux, Nicole Rafiki, Thomas Schmahl.  graphic–paper works  sculpture–installation  photography  glass–light–textile art  audio–video art  happening–performance  urban art  Repro One-Megaphone Project. A protest tool kit designed for enhancing the on-street experience, Yun-Pei Hsiung

Haus am Waldsee

Berlin Süd

until 08.01. Female Remedy. Leila Hekmat.  sculpture–installation  audio–video art  happening–performance  Repro Triple Curly, Leila Hekmat, 2020 , Tryptichon-Still. Digitale Video-Collage, Photo: Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi

The exhibition Female Remedy by Leila Hekmat (b. 1981 in Los Angeles, lives and works in Berlin) transforms the Haus am Waldsee into a religious sanatorium for women, an infirmary of sorts, complete with hospital beds, a surgery room, a chapel and an assortment of specialised rooms for treatment. In tandem with a live performance, the exhibition takes the shape of a satiric, sensory installation that unfolds across the house and the garden.

ifa-Galerie Berlin

Berlin Mitte
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