City West

until 01.06. Jean-Michel Alberola, Enzo Cucchi, Nina Maron, Ernesto Tatafiore: Europa. Die Nachbarn schauen nach Deutschland painting–drawing  graphic–paper works  sculpture–installation  photography  urban art

26.05. – 26.06. Anders Gjennestad: New Works urban art, Repro Vice Vortex III, 2020, Aerosol on wood, 90 x 60 x 5 cm, Photo: Anders Gjennestad

The Norwegian artist Anders Gjennestad works with hand-cut stencils and aerosol in the field of urban art and street art. His work has already been shown internationally in museum exhibitions and is part of the permanent collection of the Urban Nation museum in Berlin. The exhibition shows new works by the artist.

21.06. – 07.08. Julia Sossinka, Dodi Reifenberg: Upcycling urban art  Miscellaneous, Repro plastic bags wave , 2014, collage, plastic bags , 152 x 271

Dodi Reifenberg and Julia Sossika both pursue the idea of upcycling. Recycle the "old", thus not throwing away what appears to be unusable, but recycling it. Dodi Reifenberg designs his works from the smallest plastic snippets.  In this way, the consequences of garbage are shown in an impressive way. Julia Sossinka puts her finger in the wound right here. She doesn't throw anything away. From remnants of fabrics, paper, plastic, she conjures fantstic art worlds out of garbage.


Checkpoint Charlie

21.06. – 12.09. Zheng Bo: Wanwu Council 萬物社 audio–video art  urban art  Miscellaneous, Repro What Do the Trees Want?, 2020, Photo: Laura Fiorio

As In House: Artist in Residence 2020, the artist and theoretician Zheng Bo embarked on the question of how plants practice politics. In 2021, his exhibition "Wanwu Council 萬物社" will expand upon themes that Zheng Bo worked on during his one-year residency at the Gropius Bau.