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Migrant Bird Space

Koppenplatz 5  B 10115

T: +49.30.28045600

M: +49.017631553507

Di – Sa  13 – 18h

U8, M8 Rosenthaler Platz

Galerie aktuell

bis 08.06.

Lu Sisi Audio–Videokunst

bis 01.06.

Sisi Lu: Taikanaut Audio–Videokunst

In Kürze

08.06. – 10.06.

Art Book Fair - Flying paper from China . Chinese Contemporary Art

15.06. – 27.07.

Chen Chenchen Audio–Videokunst


09.03. – 13.04.2018

Peng Xia: Es fügt sich! Malerei–Zeichnung

28.04. – 11.06.2016

Wenfeng Liao, Chen Feng, Siying Huang, Zheng Shi: Chinese Art . From Painting to Digital

05.12.2015 – 20.01.2016

Xia Peng: Chinese Artist . überSehen


Migrant Birds Projects is a Berlin-based contemporary art project providing a showcase for artists and services in the cultural industries. Working out of the gallery space at No. 5 Koppenplatz in the heart of Berlin, the project aims to offer a professional platform for cross-cultural communication between China and Europe with a focus on young contemporary Chinese art and design.